How many Lords?

  spider9 06:41 20 Apr 11

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Is Cameron the new Blair? He's appointed more Lords than ever before (and looks like he's now going into Libya, too.) adding 117 new peers in the last year - more than any other PM in post-war history.

Why are so many 'Lords' needed, why are 'Lords' needed at all? If ever there was a time for a smaller, elected, upper chamber, surely this is it.

I thought the Government was trying to save our money and cut bureaucracy! Cameron's words are ringing a bit empty at present

  morddwyd 07:43 20 Apr 11

You beat me to it on this one.

117 new legislators (in less tha a year) and voters didn't get a chance to express their views on any of them.

If we're really interested in democracy we should be looking at reform of the Lords, rather than tinkering with the electoral system.

  spider9 07:59 20 Apr 11

Yes, wonderful words about 'Big Society' and us little people getting to make decisions affecting our lives - then he goes and 'slips in' over a hundred new leaders without us even realising.

Same old Tories, I'm afraid, look after our Lords, make sure there is still enough 'gravy' around for them, and allow us all to pay!

Recession? What recession?

  Quickbeam 08:10 20 Apr 11

117 Lords a leaping doesn't have the right ring to it.

  spider9 09:48 20 Apr 11

fourm member "Finished our little rants have we?"

Really, what a condescending person you are!

  Monoux 10:00 20 Apr 11

spider 9 -- to paraphrase his comment to someone about me when I picked up on an error he made -- it's just fourm member being fourm member.

  spider9 10:36 20 Apr 11

fourm member

"The prime minister has created more peers more quickly than any of his post-war predecessors, having ennobled 117 people in less than a year."

This was the quote, by BBC Deputy Political Editor. You are calling it a rant to accept what it says, and presumably accept your prejudiced version instead?

Why is it that only you always seem to have the only answers (and these invariably mirror Central Office) to any political questions thrown up?

Peers, you say, don't get paid "unless they start doing something.". They only have to turn up!!

  spuds 10:48 20 Apr 11

They only need to turn up and sign the register, then go on their other daily duties to get paid. Very similar I assume to that of MEP's on a Friday early morning?.

Wasn't there talk a few years ago, about doing away with the Lords, for the 'publics interest', or was this just another of one of those false reports?.

  john 52 11:18 20 Apr 11

**fourum member

**I called it as I saw it. Just you and morddwyd taking the opportunity of bashing Cameron without troubling to look into the story in any detail.**


Is Cameron the new Blair?

Hardly just a attack on Cameron the next thing we will see is David (man of the people) giving a press conference with a mug of tea in is hand just like Blair.

I hope they keep a seat available for Nick when his party understands or realize the damage done by Nick Clegg to the liberal democrat party for his time in the limelight

  Portal11 12:38 20 Apr 11
  spider9 12:44 20 Apr 11

fourm member

Please read what I put before making your judgements!

I did not suggest you had called the article a rant.
I said you were calling it a rant to accept what was in it - a difference possibly too subtle for you to appreciate (see, I can be condescending, too!). (;-0)

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