How many email address's do you have?

  spikeychris 20:47 21 Oct 05

I intend running a feature on this at work. Do you have more than one? Do you use them on a regular basis? Are they POP enabled? What makes you want to have more than one?


  VoG II 20:55 21 Oct 05

I have four:

My 'regular' blueyonder account, which contains my real name.

A second blueyonder account which does not contain my real name that I use to register on forums such as this. This enables me to respond to yellow envelope messages without revealing my identity.

A Hotmail account that I use to collect spam and also some newsletters. The main reason for having this is to have a web-based mail if Outlook, Outlook Express, or more likely the blueyonder mail servers, decide to play up.

A Gmail account - I got this purely out of curiosity and now its only use is for sending invites to others (only on request, I hasten to add).

I also have a business e-mail address and an e-mail account with a major customer, for when I work from their offices.

  watchful 21:08 21 Oct 05

I only have one, POP enabled, which is used on a daily basis.

  octal 21:25 21 Oct 05

I have nine, no I'm not being greedy, three are associated with groups I belong to MSN and Yahoo, two are Lycos which I've had since I was on Freeserve many years ago, does anyone remember them? One I haven't a clue why I've got that one because I don't use it, might come in useful one day, two with my ISP and one on my web site, they are all either POP or IMAP enabled.

  Jackcoms 21:27 21 Oct 05
  Jackcoms 21:29 21 Oct 05

Oh, I also have a Gmail account out of curiosity, but never use it.

  CurlyWhirly 21:29 21 Oct 05

I have 3 e-mail addresses and I use my AOL e-mail address the most with my other 2 I only occasionally use them.

I think my other 2 e-mail addresses are POP enabled as I *think* AOL uses the IMAP standard?

  ade.h 21:31 21 Oct 05

Three for personal use (one for important stuff on my own domain, another for not-so-important stuff and a third for potential junk-mail) plus four for my business on a seperate domain.

  rowdy 21:47 21 Oct 05

I have four

one hotmail - used to access MSN Messenger which the family use to maintain contact and transfer large files
Three with ISP
one for personal use,one for forums such as this and one for online purchases etc


  Nellie2 21:52 21 Oct 05

I have one that I use for personal communications

I have a work email addy

I have one that I use for registering at places and for forum replies.

I have one that I use for people to send me bad files and suspect stuff... but that is a redirect address.

I have about various forum email addresses from the forums that I administrate.

How do I manage these emails?

I find mailwasher very handy.... I review them as they come in and delete the spam if there is any. When I download them I have email rules to direct them to different folders in outlook and then I go through them and deal with them as needs be.

Apart from the work emails... they stay at work!!

  g0slp 21:55 21 Oct 05

Four here; all different & none are Hotmail...

Two are POP, two are log-in.


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