How long on this site?

  Bald Eagle 17:41 22 Sep 10

On the run down to returning to UK for the winter from Brittany so things are dragging a bit. I know, I thought, how long have I been a member on this forum? Went to profile and it's the only site I know that doesn't give a "joined date". Is it somewhere on here?


  Forum Editor 18:03 22 Sep 10

No, it's in my secret database in the secret drawer of my secret cupboard.

Ask and you shall receive however - you joined us on 6th April 2001. We must be doing something right for you to stick with us for over nine years.

If anyone else wants to know how ancient they are, just ask - as long as you don't mind seeing the truth here, in this thread - I don't particularly want to get into answering lots of extra emails; there's a two hour episode of Midsomer murders on tonight, and if I'm not present and correct in my chair when it starts I get a black star on my chart.

  Legolas 18:30 22 Sep 10

I think I am round about 12 years on the forum but not sure, so correct me if I'm wrong FE

  Bald Eagle 18:32 22 Sep 10

Good grief when I joined, the missus (still hale and hearty) had not long previously had a bowel cancer operation and I had no grandchilden!


  mobileman1953 18:38 22 Sep 10

according to my postings my first posting was 01/01/03 was that the day i joined

  wiz-king 18:51 22 Sep 10

My first posting was 18/12/03 - only 118 pages to find the first post! And, I didn't think I posted much!!

  Forum Editor 19:00 22 Sep 10

You joined on 29th January 2001.

  Forum Editor 19:02 22 Sep 10

You joined on 26th October 2002

  Noldi 19:03 22 Sep 10

I think about 2002/3? when I joined but used the site before that. Magazine reader since about 1998.


  carver 19:03 22 Sep 10

Sorry to get on the bandwagon but just wondered how long I've been on this site.

  Legolas 19:10 22 Sep 10

Oh not as long as I thought, it just seems forever

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