How to know if garage door open.

  bumpkin 21:01 24 Apr 14

Hi all, I have an electric garage door, opened and closed many times a day by myself and family. It tends to get left open a lot of the time as people including myself forget to shut it.

Not really a problem in the daytime as there is always someone around. I have some expensive tools and other kit in it so I would like to ensure that it is closed overnight. At present I have to walk outside last thing at night in the dark and possible rain to look. I was thinking of a microswitch on the door to a LED by the bed but that would require wiring which I would prefer to avoid. I just wondered if anyone could come up with an easy cheap idea of doing it wirelessly . I was wondering if I could adapt a wireless doorbell kit somehow.

Not a terribly interesting post I know but I have had enough of the politics:-))

  Flak999 21:06 24 Apr 14

What about this?

  Flak999 21:13 24 Apr 14

Or, this!

  bumpkin 21:34 24 Apr 14

Thanks Flak, but I have a remote opener, I just don't know whether the door is in the open or closed position unless I walk outside and look.

  Aitchbee 21:54 24 Apr 14

bumpkin .... in a similar vein ... wouldn't it be nice to know 'remotely', if one's flies were open or shut?

  bumpkin 22:30 24 Apr 14

Trust you to come up with an inane remark to a serious question LOL :-)) I don't need to go outside to know if my flies are open and there is nothing in there that anyone wants to take anymore.

  spuds 22:53 24 Apr 14

Cheap wireless cctv system connected to your home television perhaps?.

  ams4127 23:05 24 Apr 14

Surely if you have a remote control you would just press the close button. If the door is open, it will close. If the door is closed, it will remain closed.

Or have I missed something?

  Forum Editor 23:06 24 Apr 14

Why don't you just fit a simple contact system to the garage door and wire it back to an LED indicator somewhere in the house. Door open, light on, door closed, light off. Rather similar to the pressure switches you get on wardrobes.

It's a simple wiring job, and you can get all the components at Maplins.

  bumpkin 23:11 24 Apr 14

Thanks spuds, I have cctv cameras 5 but one of the things that they can't see is the garage door, sods law I think. I can alter it's angle but then won't be able to see the front gate.

  bumpkin 23:18 24 Apr 14

ams4127, "Or have I missed something?" yes I do not know whether it is open or closed unless I go and look.

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