How fast do you read?

  WhiteTruckMan 21 May 12

Not a trick question. Staples have a little test on their site

Speed reading test

that tests your reading (and comprehension) speed. Apparently national average is 300wpm, and as a first (and only) try I came out at 539wpm, or 18h 10m to read war and peace.

I'm not planning to do the test again though, just a one off.


  canarieslover 21 May 12

I don't want to read any faster as my Kindle habit is already costing me a fortune.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21 May 12

It's not a test to find the highest speed you can read at, "read at your natural pace".

  lotvic 21 May 12

491 wpm, all 3 question right. War and Peace in 19 hrs 56 mins (if I don't fall asleep ;-))

  spider9 21 May 12

I often wonder if the people who do these online 'tests' might be the same sort that feel the need to tell about their latest catch on the riverbank?

Personally, reading is a relaxing pleasure, so why do I need to know my reading speed (or anyone else's for that matter!)?

  Quickbeam 22 May 12

311wpm first time which was harder as I didn't know what context the story was in, once I knew it was The war of the worlds it was 399wpm. I felt a way through the story line then.

25:39 hrs to read The Lord of the Rings and 7:15 hrs to read a Tale of two Cities.

That's complete rubbish 'cause it takes me about 6 weeks to do LOTRs intensively and I've never gotten past a quarter of an inch of pages with a Tale of two Cities, I can't get on with the reading style of some Dickens, and that's one of them!

  Aitchbee 22 May 12

If you have had a good education and 'soaked up' all of the tricky words over your lifetime, then you might be able to sail through any book like a flat-stone skims over the water....

  dagbladet 22 May 12

Profound. Is that Cantona?

  Aitchbee 22 May 12

dagbladet - no 'tis aitch.

  Bingalau 22 May 12

My stone skimming abilities have deteriorated over the years so much so that now my stones just bounce to the bottom with a thudunk (new word invented by me, how do I go about patenting it?)

However I have decided to have a go at this reading thing and see what transpires. All I know before I start is that I read three times faster than my partner. That's going by the length of time it takes her to get through the same book as me on a kindle. I can't understand why it takes her so long. Maybe she takes it in better than me.

Anyway here goes for this test thingy... I will report back later.

  Bingalau 22 May 12

Well I seem to be the slowest so far with a wpm of 316. But that may be because as a former compositor I was probably looking for "rats" unconsciously of course.


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