how on earth do you live with specs?

Mornin all, after a year of headaches and being forced to have a retina scan i today, find myself staring at the screen wearing possibly the most uncomfortable burden known as spectacles!
i hate them!
As well as suggesting i spend money on this horrible device, the son of a... the optician told me one of my eyes was slightly under performing due to me being forty next year!!
i hate him!
my point, and there is one! is how on earth do people live with glasses? i remember my dad hated them as they were always dropping out of his top pocket when he reached for something, and often walked around looking for them when they were on his head.... i will see if they stop my headaches if not i can see them going in the hmmmm drawer, togother with my foot spa, foremans grill, sodastream and breville sandwich toaster!
so any tips?

  hzhzhzhz 11:54 20 May 07

I've worn them for 30 years. No problem. At least these days they are made from light materials.

  €dstowe 12:05 20 May 07

If you require your glasses for reading only, rather than putting them in your pocket, you can get cords so that you can hang the glasses around your neck. They're ready then for instant use.

  Spark6 12:06 20 May 07

It's something you will get used to if you have to wear them all the time. I believe the most resistance comes from those who need them for either reading or distance. Watch the shoppers trying to read price tags and then searching for their specs.

Personally, I started off with reading specs, changed to bifocals because my work involved the reading of technical drawings and hands-on trouble shooting. I quickly moved on to varifocals which I am quite happy with.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 20 May 07

Another year and you won't be able to read without them.

get a second pair (need them to repair the first pair when the lens falls out and you cant see the small screw never mind the slot in it)

I find that the easiest way to keep hold of them is to use one of those "laces" and hang them round my neck .

well it is for close work, i asked him if staring at a computer screen harms the eyes, he told me, no but it will highlight any problem you may have with your eyes, for the last 2 years i guess i spend 10 hours a day in front of a screen! 8 hours at work in front of 2 19" tfts, then i come home and sir in front of my 21" tft.
it cant be healthy! i mean you are always looking in the same field, sometimes if i look away from the screen, to look out the window it takes a second or two to readjust.
Anyway he told me there is no evidence of this harming eyes, like i said simply highlights any problems that were there anyway.

to be honest im praying it's caffeine thats causing my headaches.
fruitbat, you are not the first to say that, do you think using glasses makes the eyes lazy?

  hzhzhzhz 12:20 20 May 07

Eye excercises are a good idea. Perhaps not when out in public though.:-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 20 May 07


Its just age

the muscles that work the lens get week and the lens itself hardens and will not focus properly at short distances.

Headaches will be the eyes and/or muscle tension in neck shoulder and back (right if right handed), from constant use of mouse and bad posture if your sitting in front of PC screens all day.

*resigns to the fact the future holds slippers and a pipe*

what's an eye excercise? sounds quite painfull

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