How on earth can one count 681million transistors?

  Brumas 22:29 08 Dec 06

Does anyone need that ‘telephone number’ of a specification?
I do not read through hardware reviews generally as I have a new, very good spec. computer and, not being ‘geeky’ are more than pleased with what I have got – but in the latest mag the Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card review caught my eye ,for no particular reason and that is where the stats come from. Admittedly, I do not use the computer for anything ‘really exciting’ but it does excel for what I do use it for.

No doubt I shall get put in my place by the high-tech experts out there but, for heaven’s sake, 681,000,000 transistors, huh!

  Vangeliska 22:35 08 Dec 06

I wouldn't worry about it, they are probably on a 1" square chip!

  squillary 22:37 08 Dec 06

I imagine that if they can put that many transistors on a chip and know they're there in all the right order, counting them is trivial.

  Brumas 22:46 08 Dec 06

Vangeliska - I'm not worried ,just amazed at the number!

  Vangeliska 22:50 08 Dec 06

Just thought you were going to try and count them, lol

  wiz-king 08:16 09 Dec 06

I wonder if that includes the duds.
I think of the drawing office junior standing at a large drawing board with the chip layout on marking all the transistors with a felt-tip pen, tally counter in hand! but somehow I don't think so.

  €dstowe 09:27 09 Dec 06

Remember each transistor has three leads.

Think of the poor woman in a Taiwan sweatshop soldering each one by hand - again, I don't think so.

  Forum Editor 09:49 09 Dec 06

They're made using three layers in the silicone,, and it's an incredibly complex process.

  wee eddie 09:57 09 Dec 06

One moment it's up, the next it's down!

  Brumas 10:21 09 Dec 06

All this technical stuff at this time of the morning is making, what passes for my brain, hurt! but thanks for the explanations.
I think I shall have a nice cup of tea now, this doesn't require any thinking and it brings more contentment then the answers ;oO

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:54 09 Dec 06

You could count the tea leaves instead or see your future in the bottom of the cup.

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