How does this card trick work?

  Graham* 20:01 29 May 12

I happened to catch a card trick on kids TV. You were shown 4 cards and were asked to pick one. When the cards were shown again, your card was missing.

As I was watching on a Freeview recorder I was able to rewind to the beginning. This time I picked a different card, and that one was then missing.

I tried a few more times and it worked every time. I would love to learn the solution.

  wiz-king 20:07 29 May 12

You only look for the card you picked, the other thee may have changed too but as you weren't looking at them who knows.

  Graham* 20:22 29 May 12

Thanks both. I wish I'd recorded it now.

  Aitchbee 21:56 29 May 12

Someone once (in a pub...where else?) performed a close-up 'magic card trick' for me with two square beer mat table coasters. He held the two 'cards', one in each hand, between middle-fingers and thumbs, blew on the 'cards' (for effect), pulled his hands apart, and as if by magic the 'cards' had turned (showing different beer logos) in his grasping fingers.

Once you know how it's's very easy to do.

  Graham* 23:16 29 May 12

Thanks all, that's the answer then, all the cards were changed.

  Condom 00:09 30 May 12

It can be so annoying when you see what you think is an amazing trick and then see how simple it is. I was at a Chinese New Year party in a local restaurant and they had hired one of these magicians who does close up work. He was going round the tables doing an amazing assortment of tricks right in front of your eyes and yet we couldn't see how they were done. At our table he began playing around with a piece of white paper about A3 size and produced a real builders brick on the table. Anyone know how that was done?

  Quickbeam 00:43 30 May 12

Magic of course.

  Aitchbee 10:29 30 May 12

On BBC1 "Homes Under The Hammer" 2 minutes ago, one of the buyers of a former care home in Kent, magically turned five pieces of coloured paper into 5 x 20 pound notes on the accompanying music of Queen's "It's A Kinda Magic"...very impressive!

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