how do you defraud the government?

  josie mayhem 16:16 04 Aug 08

Because I really don't know how people manage to do this...

I can't seem to make a legimate claim for child benefit and family tax credit...

All because of the Child benefit making transfer of claim almost impossible... It's not the case of filling out a form that the claiming parent wants to transfer to the other parent oh no... the claiming parent has to inform them that they are stopping there claim, once this is done then the parent who is takening over the claim then has to make a claim.....

But if the child benefits just happen to lose your claim, you knackered to say the least....

Family tax, well at least I'm on their system it took several weeks to get to the start line, but without the child benefit number I have to wait a unspecified time for a letter officaly telling me that they haven't got a child benefit number so can't proceed with my claim... How long do I have to wait for this letter well how long is a piece of string? was near enough there answer!

Then because I live in a flat that isn't suitable for my daughter, I've applied to the council for suitable accomadation (namley a house) but I can't proceed with this either until I get that magic child benefit number ahhhhhh

Worst bit of it all, even though my daughter has been living with me since March of this year, my ex-hubby didn't transfer anything until June giving the offical transfer date as Mid May... Having to start from the begining means that I will lose some of the back payments as I can only claim 3 months worth of back payments on any claim.....

So how the earth did a chap near me manage to claim for 16 childrent that didn't exsist in the first place? Make you wonder

  Forum Editor 16:47 04 Aug 08

we can help with I'm afraid. The benefit system is complex at times, and individual cases need individual assessment. We're not qualified to advise, so I'm afraid you'll have to plough on with the benefit people.

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