How this for day job

  merc. 20:33 17 Nov 08

imagine going to work to do this every day

click here


  rdave13 20:49 17 Nov 08

A good video. Certainly not for me though, don't like high voltage or heights...

  VCR97 20:51 17 Nov 08

A job with potential.

  csqwared 20:56 17 Nov 08

Watt a job for a bright spark!! Must have a nice ohm to live in and lots of money in the volt.

  Pineman100 18:32 18 Nov 08

You need an electric personality for a high-powered career like that.

  Noldi 19:21 18 Nov 08

But what happens if the cable is damaged and cant take the extra weight?


  Barnacarry 11:13 19 Nov 08

And he said that the only things he was afraid of were 'electricity, heights and women, and I'm married too'. He must love living in fear.

  carver 11:56 19 Nov 08

It snaps and would come as a bit of a SHOCK to him.

  ray7 19:13 19 Nov 08

I read somewhere that he requires an assistant. Qualifications..

Ability to
Wash several pairs of underpants daily
Tend to multiple fractures
Dig victims out of (very) deep holes
Mouth to mouth rescusitation

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