How crazy is this!

  Jak_1 12:27 29 May 08

Beggars belief what some people will do for thrills! Little wonder why so many get killed on railway tracks.

click here

  John B 12:36 29 May 08

Do you think that there is a remote chance that having seen the clip, it might just give someone the idea to try it themselves?

  K_elt 12:39 29 May 08

These kinds of videos should be banned IMHO.

  lofty29 12:40 29 May 08

It is no more stupid than the idiots who jump off cliffs, the worst part of this is the effect on the train driver if the boy had been hit, and if something had happened the parents would have been wailing how their lives have been ruined. Then there is the aspect that if the clowns are not killed outright, the rest of us have to probably support them for the rest of their lives

  Cymro. 12:55 29 May 08

There is absolutely no way I or anyone else can justify this sort of thing and everything must be done to try and stop such foolishness.

I may well be older than many of you but I hope that I at lest still remember back to my younger days when such stunts were not as uncommon as you may think.

How many of us are willing to admit that in our younger days we also went in for such foolishness?

  Forum Editor 12:57 29 May 08

if nothing else - it's enabled the sane majority to realise just how stupid the unbalanced minority really is.

  Quickbeam 13:11 29 May 08

He must be a big fan of Harold Lloyd... click here

  peter99co 15:00 29 May 08

I think he should try it standing up! Good riddance

  K_elt 17:59 29 May 08

Best suggestion so far!

  Legolas 20:32 29 May 08

As Cymro says most of us have done very stupid things in our younger days. As a teen I remember more than once taking to the waters of the local reservoir in a very unstable raft ( half a dozen planks nailed together) how we never capsized I'll never know. The fact that two local boys around the same age as me drowned in similar circumstances had no deterrent effect on us at all.

  Jak_1 21:05 29 May 08

At least in the reservoir you have an outside chance of swimming to shore! One false move when a few hundred tons of steel are hurtling over you at a rate of knots is definately going to leave you brown bread!

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