How to build a super computer

  Curio 15:19 17 Mar 09

This is red hot!
click here

  Clapton is God 15:25 17 Mar 09

Can't be that "red hot".

All I get is 'video is no longer available'.

  John B 15:32 17 Mar 09


  crosstrainer 16:20 17 Mar 09

Yep, that's fast....But he will need another enclosure for all those drives! :))

  interzone55 17:10 17 Mar 09

Video doesn't play at work, but the title intrigued me

"Take 24 256GB Samsung MLC solid-state-drives (SSD's) and put them in RAID to make the worlds most powerful consumer computer."

I'd say that seeing as 256gb SSDs are around £600 a piece, that it would also be the world's most expensive consumer computer...

  MAT ALAN 17:35 17 Mar 09

click here

cheaper version...

  Stuartli 17:44 17 Mar 09

But you would always hanker after something even faster...:-)

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  MAT ALAN 17:53 17 Mar 09

AHH!!! but what they don't tell ya is the cooling is a couple of chinook's...

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:22 17 Mar 09

I need a lot of money fast :-(

  Why wont it work 19:51 17 Mar 09

I read about this the other day. Apparently having that many is a waste of time because they're limited by the pci-express connection to 2gb/s. I still wouldn't turn it down though!!

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  Chegs ®™ 06:42 18 Mar 09

The bit where he executes all programs in the start menu reminded me of one of my early disasters with my 1st PC.I hadnt a clue on operating the machine(500Mhz CPU,64Mbs RAM,64Mbs Graphics card[AGP]& 15Gb HD)and was trying to search for files.My attempt at searching had "found" every executable on the system,and the very iffy mouse allowed me to highlight them all but when I tried to deselect all 650+ files,I inadvertantly opened them all at once.The PC valiantly tried to obey but after approx 15 minutes,it froze repeatedly & as fast as I clicked the "close" program,the PC opened another message window asking for confirmation of my action.If you've ever placed two mirrors opposite each other & saw the hundreds of images stretching off into nowhere,thats very similar to my desktop.It took me weeks to get that machine to run properly(no BSOD's)but encouraged me to buy several pieces of backup software. :)

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