how to beat credit card charges

  richierich 22:42 13 Jul 09

Due to a mistake I failed to pay my credit card bill on time, (about 5 days Late), doesnt usually happen. I phoned the company up and they said they would let me off the interest and the late payment charge but would revoke my special 0 percent interest deal, or I could keep the deal but pay the interest and late payment fee. I asked to speak to the next manager who after me nagging him offered me to halve the interest and late payment fee. I said I wasnt happy with this. I said in that case I intend to default on the card, with the help of the citizens advice bureau when you take me to court I will make the minimum payments apply to have all interest frozen and pay £10 a month for the next 15 years. The manager said he would speak to his boss and ask what to do. An hour later I got a call back saying they agreed to waive the interest and late payment fee and carry on with the deal and aopologised for the confusion.
Moral, dont let the b-stards rip you off.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:57 13 Jul 09

about the mess the country (and society) is in...


  Forum Editor 23:18 13 Jul 09

You defaulted on the agreement you entered into, and failed to make a payment on the money you had borrowed.

The Credit provider quite understandably applied the late payment charge which it is entitled to do under the terms of the agreement - the one which you accepted.

The company offered you a fair deal, but you decided to manipulate the situation by threatening to default on further payments and force the company to take legal action, all because you didn't fancy paying a charge which you had incurred entirely because of your own bad money management.

And you have the nerve to say "dont let the b-stards rip you off."

WhiteTruckMan is absolutely right.

  roy 23:29 13 Jul 09

I hope the company wasn't one of 'our banks'!


  dagnammit 00:14 14 Jul 09

I like the OPs name, loved the movie starring Macauley Culkin.

  richierich 03:37 14 Jul 09

I dont feel the company offered me a fair deal, the payment was 5 days late partly due to the way they can manipulate how they calculate how long funds take to clear from one account to another.When funds are in one bank account and then transferred online to another account owned by the same bank and leave the first account instantly does it really take 3 days plus to enter the 2nd account? that i think is a ripoff.
As to me threatening to force them to take legal action. My point being to them there are millions of people and businesses who for whatever reason wont pay or cant pay anything and will be written off entirely. I have always been a prudent and good payer and one bad timed transfer deserves to be cut some slack and not be charged "punitive" charges whether or not they are hidden in the small print. I see the point that if they did this for everyone in everycase the banking system might collapse (can you imagine?) but I think every case should be looked at individually.
Whitetuckman and Roy, as to "our banks" do you really have any say or control in them?. Perhaps when they slap unfair charges or god forbid reposess your home you can take comfort in the fact you "own" a share of them.

  wolfie3000 04:40 14 Jul 09

Dont get a credit card.

  Noldi 06:01 14 Jul 09

Totaly agree get a Visa debit card or simular.


  Quickbeam 06:06 14 Jul 09

"I said in that case I intend to default on the card, with the help of the citizens advice bureau when you take me to court I will make the minimum payments apply to have all interest frozen and pay £10 a month for the next 15 years."

So that'll mean 15 years with a poor credit rating to prove to yourself a point that nobody else can clearly see?

The old adage 'cutting your nose of to spite your face' hold very true here...

  tullie 06:53 14 Jul 09

Couldent agree more,not a very bright posting by originator.

  hastelloy 08:31 14 Jul 09

I pay my credit cards by direct debit - if the payment's late or missed, its the payee's fault!!! Its been many years since I paid any interest or charges on a credit card. "Simples" click here

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