How Are Your Coals?

  morddwyd 25 Sep 11

The gas man came on Friday (no, please don't anybody provide a link to Flanders & Swann), just a routine service, and in the course of chatting he revealed that he was always very careful about repositioning the artificial coals on the fire, because in the past customers had made formal complaints to the company because they had not been put back exactly as before!

I'd be the first to admit that I'm not the easiest of customers, but complaining about the repositioning of coal bricks?

Talk about get a life.

  zzzz999 25 Sep 11

They have no artistic bent

  Brumas 25 Sep 11

When our gasman did his annual service on our gas lamps (we have no electricity) it coincided with the coalman's delivery. I must say when the coalman arranged the rocks in a circle, in the middle of the floor, and tipped half a sack of nutty slack into it for our cooking fire - the gasman even tidied up and removed the old gas mantles which normally he would just toss on the earth floor. ;o}}

For the benefit of those who do not know me, my tongue is very firmly wedged in my cheek and for those who do - you've got to laugh ;o}}

  Forum Editor 25 Sep 11

It's a funny thing, this coal on the gas fire obsession.

People get used to the flame pattern in their fires, and in the gas fire business it's a well-known fact that service engineers should discuss the flame pattern with the customer when they've rearranged the coals or logs.

  wiz-king 25 Sep 11

Trouble is - I've whitewashed them so many times, now if it snow I wont be able to find them. Old habits Dai hard.

  Bingalau 25 Sep 11

When I first bought the gas fire I now have in the living room, about twenty years ago. I also bought extra bits/pieces of the artificial coal to make it look bigger and better. when the gas man called for a routine look at something else, he told me that I should remove the extra bits and that it was dangerous to have more than the original amount. So I now have a full, small brass coal scuttle at the side of the fire. I can't remember the last time I actually lit the gas fire as the central heating is efficient. But at least I know it's there in case of a breakdown in the central heating system.

  wiz-king 25 Sep 11

My lumps of coal are OK till its snows - then I cant see them - they dont move so I have whitewashed them.

Old habits Dai hard.

  Forum Editor 25 Sep 11

"they dont move so I have whitewashed them."

Memories of my childhood come flooding back - my father (camp CO) getting in a lather when there was to be an AOC's inspection.

  Brumas 25 Sep 11

Forum Editor, Aye, if it moves salute it, if it doesn't, paint it white! I remember only too well!

  Woolwell 25 Sep 11

My gas fire does have a correct order for the artificial coals. There are different sizes and they have to be arranged correctly. So perhaps there are others like me who would complain if they were not put back in the right place.

  morddwyd 25 Sep 11

"So perhaps there are others like me who would complain if they were not put back in the right place."

And perhaps some like me, who would simply rearrange them myself!


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