How to add a hyperlink to your forum posts, and other help with using the forum

  Forum Editor 31 May 13

Quite a few people appear to have difficulties with including hyperlinks in their forum posts.

We have recently posted a revised edition of our rules for using the forum, together with some helpful hints on forum conduct, etc. Included is an explanation of how to add hyperlinks to your posts.

You can read about it by clicking on the link that says "view forum rules" at the top of each forum page, or by clicking here The explanation on hyperlinks is in the section entitled 'Forum jargon'

  Brumas 31 May 13

The way I post hyperlinks seems a lot easier, having said that, everything becomes easier and automatic with repetition.

I write click here then high light it, I then copy the URL then I click on the blue globe icon and paste directly into the text box without deleting any text and press OK. The click here then turns blue, a little simpler for dumbos like me ;o}

  Quickbeam 31 May 13

I don't even bother with to write a click here phrase. I just write the opening paragraph and convert the relevant direction words with the globe tool as in this example, and the opening post in the link.

  lotvic 31 May 13

I've put my comments and suggestions on FE's sticky Thread in Helproom

  Quickbeam 31 May 13

I fear we've just made it even more confusing now...

  Bing.alau 31 May 13

I guess you may be right Quickbeam.

I don't think I have ever had need to add a hyperlink, I shall now have a look at the instructions by following the "view forum rules" at the top of the page. I've just spotted it where it says Welcome Bing.alau. Thanks for all the info.


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