Hotel near Royal Albert Hall

  Cara2 21:48 31 Oct 12

Plenty of Hotels to choose from - too many almost. Can any recommend a particular favourite please, fairly near The Royal Albert?

  Bing.alau 19:34 16 Nov 12

Cara2. I always thought London cabbies are able to find anywhere you ask for. So if you still have the name of the place and time to spare, on one of the other days, why not treat yourself again?

  Cara2 02:26 17 Nov 12

Bing.alau - you motivated me to find out where it was. I am laughing as I have looked back to find the thread and it was 2008 - Da Mario's in Endell street! Unbelievable as it seems like yesterday.

Four years on, I do not know what the current situation is for the restaurant, but I will look on Trip Advisor and if good reports and in the area, would certainly return.

I am also struck how comprehensive 'my posts' section is. It is amazing to look back on the different posts I have either commented on or the issues the concerned me enough to start threads on. I do so wish all my posts from the outset could be amalgamated but I do take onboard the recent comment made by FE about the recent database problems.

Now off to trip advisor ....

  Forum Editor 16:52 17 Nov 12

Da Mario is still just as good as when you were last there. Someone in our family works just around the corner, and we nip into Da Mario from time to time.

It's an unpretentious place,with decent food and a friendly atmosphere. You'll find better restaurants, but Da Mario is just right if you want a good meal at reasonable prices.

Signor Sassi is on a whole different level, but it's also more expensive. Eat their Tagliolini Con Granchio and you'll think you're in heaven.

Have a great trip, wherever you eat.


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