Hotel near Royal Albert Hall

  Cara2 31 Oct 12

Plenty of Hotels to choose from - too many almost. Can any recommend a particular favourite please, fairly near The Royal Albert?

  ¿ unsure ¿ 31 Oct 12

I took the old girl to|14121|millennium%20hotel%20london%20mayfair||S|e|17590449613 for our 40th wedding aniversary. It was just about a £15 taxi ride from the Royal Albert Hall. We stayed 4 nights. Breakfast was good and the one occasion we had dinner it was superb. Handy for the shows and some good restaurants within walking distance.

  Forum Editor 31 Oct 12

You don't mention a price range, but on the assumption that you want something fairly reasonable I would recommend This hotel

I've stayed there a few times, and was very comfortable.

  muddypaws 01 Nov 12

My nephew and his wife stayed at The Lancaster Gate a few weeks ago and were very pleased with it.

  Bing.alau 01 Nov 12

Find the nearest "Lenny Henry" Hotel, They are what it says on the tin.

  Cara2 03 Nov 12

Thanks for suggestions. I should have mentioned my budget, of course.

I am looking for a 'nice' hotel as I shall be, hopefully, quite glamed up for The Royal Variety Show at the Royal Albert Hall.

The ones I am now considering are Royal Park Hotel, Thistle Kensington and Ashburn Hotel.

Decisions, decisions .....

  Forum Editor 03 Nov 12

"The ones I am now considering are Royal Park Hotel, Thistle Kensington and Ashburn Hotel."

In which case I recommend the Royal Park. I haven't stayed there, but I've been there twice for meetings - you'll like it, I'm sure. I didn't mention it earlier because of the uncertainty about your budget.

  Cara2 12 Nov 12

Okay, ended up booking ParkCity Hotel as just around the corner from the hotel from where friends are staying (Cromwell Road). Thanks ever so for all the recommendations though.

Now ... somewhere to eat, probably near Royal Albert hall. Last time FE recommended an Italian near Covent Garden which was a great success! Anyone any suggestions for this visit?

  Bing.alau 12 Nov 12

Get a taxi to the same place?

  Forum Editor 12 Nov 12

How much do you want to spend?

If it's a night for a treat, and you like superb Italian cooking with a wonderful atmosphere eat here. You won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for something with a laid-back atmosphere and a smaller bill with a British flavour I can recommend this

Of the two restaurants the first will feel far more 'special' for an evening out at the Albert Hall, but both are very good, and both are a three minute cab ride from the hall.

  Cara2 16 Nov 12

Bing.alau - we will have a very tight schedule (theatre doors open for show at 5.30 pm), so will be fairly pushed for time. However, we are there for 2 days so you never know (if we could find it again!)

FE - yum, yum but think, certainly for the first one - massively expensive! Will try the suggestion on my other half though :).

Will let you know how the trip turns out.

Thanks for replies.



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