Ungus 17:41 14 May 15

Thought I would ask if any on this forum keeps and rides horses. I am well into my 60s and still have my horses at home and now being retired spend most mornings mucking out and charging about the country side. I am getting pretty decrepit but just can't give up the adrenalin rush' Any one else have an affliction of this nature.

  lotvic 19:59 14 May 15

I feel the same way about my bicycle.

  bumpkin 21:28 14 May 15

I feel the same way about my bicycle.

Which does not require a stable, a field to live in or incur expensive vet fees. A friend of mine has horses that require constant attention every day, this is her very expensive hobby though I personally fail to see what she gets from it other than to ride them round the block when she chooses. Each to their own as they say.

  rdave13 21:38 14 May 15

First thing that came to my mind, on reading this thread, was Mr Ed.

  bumpkin 22:09 14 May 15

First thing that came to my mind, on reading this thread, was Mr Ed.

Do not worry there are some good doctors that can help you:-)

  bumpkin 22:46 14 May 15

Misty, they taste quite nice in a goulash.

  rdave13 23:18 14 May 15

bumpkin , A horse is a Horse, of course, of course, unless it's the famous Mr Ed. I'm sure Ungus remembers even if you don't.

Rumpelteazer , second thought I had was 'beef burgers'.

Ungus , we jest only and being well into your sixties, still doing the charging around, makes me admire your good self. Good on you.

  Ungus 00:03 15 May 15

Afraid I got the bug whilst working my way across the mid west other than riding my grandads working horse I had never ridden but new heavy horses. Got a job that involved some riding, of course I lied that I could ride fell of a few times the boss man said you can't ride can you I said no not really but you seem to be staying on now so keep the job. That was a long time ago in my twentys never stopped riding and keeping horses since. Unfortunately the only two things guaranteed with horses is death or bankruptcy. Met some wonderful men and women through them just wish I could do it all again but hey ho it will end some day.

  rdave13 00:34 15 May 15

hey ho it will end some day yes. It's the pattern.

Disappointed, though, that you didn't back me up with Ed. My Psychologist says my temperament and IQ are quite normal.

But she's a nut case anyway.

  rdave13 00:46 15 May 15

Nice song to listen to while you reminisce.

  Forum Editor 13:51 15 May 15

We used to keep a couple of horses at livery, but life filled up with other things, and it became hard to justify the expense.

There are lots of them on the roads where I live, and I occasionally feel a pang of regret. It soon passes when I think of the costs involved, though.

When I want an adrenalin rush nowadays I have the M25 half an hour away.

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