Horrible things that we used in the past

  bumpkin 17:21 08 Aug 14

Not much else going on here so I will contribute to the trivia. What in hindsight were awful things that a lot of people used in the past. A few examples to get started, woodchip wallpaper, fablon, stone cladding, artex, white wall car tyres.

  Aitchbee 17:44 08 Aug 14

Anyone remember those nasty metallic tin-openers [with a corkscrew built-in to the handle] that had a pointy-stilletto-dagger-tip at one end and required 'nerves of steel' and a 'kamikaze attitude' just to open a tin of peas. Anything with a larger circumference [ like tinned plum tomatoes ] always ended up having a tinny flavour when finally extracted from the tin and on to a plate?

  Menzie 18:06 08 Aug 14

The cassette, all that hiss in the background and at some point your favourite album always got chewed up. Also if you wanted to repeat a song rather than simply pressing repeat or previous you had to rewind it manually which wasn't instant.

  bumpkin 18:11 08 Aug 14

A good example HB remember them well and the corned beef tins with the winder (which we still have) but it used to break as soon as you touched it so out with the pliers and a possible visit to A+E.

  bumpkin 18:17 08 Aug 14

Spray on black vinyl roofs for cars.

  Aitchbee 18:43 08 Aug 14

Menzie - still got hundreds of those pesky compact cassettes [mostly John Peel Sessions] waitin' to be digitized when I get the time :o]

  bumpkin 18:59 08 Aug 14

Formica was good stuff, is that still around.

  john bunyan 19:13 08 Aug 14


How can one have a good serious argument with someone who likes white wall tyres? (Ironic, of course)

Cars with only drum brakes; asbestos; woollen swimming costumes; short trousers; School caps; nylon shirts; flannelette pyjamas; feather mattresses ;many more.

  VCR97 19:44 08 Aug 14

Collar studs.

  Aitchbee 20:31 08 Aug 14

I could never get-the-hang of those fizzy-drinks' Soda-Stream contraptions in the days when I was still a pre-PUB[escant] teenager ... had no proper finger control ... always 'too heavy' on the gas.

  bumpkin 20:36 08 Aug 14

HB, lucky to get any gas, see my other thread.

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