Hope this is new trend

  Grey Goo 10:57 16 Sep 10

The plan may be working but will need to be sustained.
click here

  Noldi 11:33 16 Sep 10

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This is interesting reading if you are looking at economies, wages etc.


  Woolwell 11:36 16 Sep 10

But it is a year old Noldi.

  Noldi 11:59 16 Sep 10

Ooops sorry I will find the link to the new one.


  Noldi 12:08 16 Sep 10

click here

Only as Pdf download at the moment.

I was reading it in the press this morning about how things are picking up around certain parts of the world. The problem is the valuation of the pound, at the moment its cheap so we can export. If the pound picks up it will slow the export market, its all a bit tempramental but lets hope it does pick up in the long term for the UK.


  jack 17:17 17 Sep 10

In folk minds can be images of a displaced worker out of public and straight into private work and it is not necessarily so - the biggest change will be at the job centre [those that are still open that is-] old faces go new ones come in - including probably some of their chums.

I notice that my hone insurance[from a broker ]formally signed by a young woman whose family I know is now signed by a lady with a Polish name.......!

  john 52 19:29 17 Sep 10

Grey Goo

You post was meant as a joke was it ?if not I would not your breath on that one !! I just do not know where you think the extra jobs are going to created from when the cuts take effect! even the the Daily Mail says in the article

"But this boom is unlikely to last. With the spending squeeze set to dent short-term prospects for economic growth, it is far too soon to rule out a renewed rise in unemployment once the cuts really start to bite.'

So your post was pretty pointless really unless you were trying to highlight the danger of making cuts too quickly and use a more balanced approach towards the economy

  Grey Goo 21:02 17 Sep 10

Still full of the joys I see.

  john 52 22:13 17 Sep 10

Grey Goo

Your posts always brings a smile to my face :-)

  john 52 22:34 17 Sep 10

I had a little chuckle today in a shop the person being served in front of me was telling the sales assistant the trouble with this country is that workers are given a automatic pay rise every year if this was not done we would not have half the problems we have . I nearly asked him if his name was Mr Goo

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