hometown glory fantastic song

  peg 17:49 29 Feb 08

with help from the one and only forum editor found this song as featured on itv3 trailer click here
I was blown away what a singer and what a song

  Bingalau 17:57 29 Feb 08

Sorry peg. Just managed to listen to a few seconds of that and turned it off. I hate to think what Simon Cowell would say about it.

  Forum Editor 17:59 29 Feb 08

don't you?

Doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid, but I'm pleased you're happy.

  peg 18:10 29 Feb 08

sounds like its just me then unless of course i am the one with taste, and yes it made me happy,is.thanks again F.E anybody else found any good tunes they would like to share.

  peg 18:11 29 Feb 08

should say happy,ish.......

  Forum Editor 18:27 29 Feb 08

is what pleases you, and it's rare to find two people in one room with exactly the same musical taste.

I have music in my car at all times, and whenever I drive my wife somewhere I can pretty well guarantee that about ten minutes into the journey she'll quietly say 'do you mind if we have something else?'

Vive la difference.

  Jak_1 18:33 29 Feb 08

Everyone's taste in music is different, there is little bad music about. If it was bad it wouldn't get acknowledged by the recording companies and never get to the radio/tv! There are types of music I don't like but acknowledge that it is average or good but just not to my taste. If you want to hear bad music then listen to karaoke, or good music with bad singing that is!

  peg 18:58 29 Feb 08

just played ADELE to my wife all she could say was "o dear" so its still just me then.
My tastes covers a wide range from ballads to punk ( not including skiffle) but I always like to hear new music.

  tullie 19:12 29 Feb 08

It is hard to find two people in the same room with the same taste.In this case,substitute room for forum.

  finlay.mitchel 19:41 29 Feb 08

I used to enjoy Britpop until it got all mushy with the likes of Travis and that Welsh band.

  peg 19:57 29 Feb 08

I liked Travis but dont seam to stick to an era or genre the only band I have been faithful to is Radiohead and they are like Marmite love um or hate um. cant believe nobody likes Adele I keep watching it over and over I find it hypnotic.
Manics or did you mean Stereophonics

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