Hollywood Film Curses

  Uboat 13:16 15 Jul 10

Was it just a sheer coincidence OR was it more.?
what do you think?

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  sunnystaines 14:02 15 Jul 10

interesting read

  Chris the Ancient 14:49 15 Jul 10

... But I do find that some of associations used to link some of these curses a little vague and tenuous.

I once appeared on "Watchdog". If I die within the 10-15 years, will someone find that I have been subject to some kind of curse? After all, there must have been something scary (apart from 'her') that has been on there that might warrant a curse.

  Uboat 16:48 15 Jul 10

Chris the Ancient This may come as a intresting fact to you & although is slightly off topic, My wife is from South America, & they belive VERY strongly in Voodoo & all kinds of Black Magic..
I dont belive in it BUT something that has allmost cost my wife's father his life in the past week has changed that..

The link included above may have some relevance to this kinda goings on.? who knows...

  anchor 16:52 15 Jul 10

Perhaps the most famous curse on the 20th century is the curse of the Tomb of Tutankhamen. It turned out to be an invention of a novelist, and taken up with enthusiasm by the media after the death of Lord Carnarvon.

Most other members of the expedition lived to respectable ages.

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  zzzz999 07:19 16 Jul 10

I don't know if you have taken your reading further on the Tomb of Tut, but one of the books I am reading now talks of Carter and co robbing the site for months before 'discovering' it.

  Quickbeam 07:43 16 Jul 10

And they were surely all cursed as they've all died since...

  mr simon 10:31 16 Jul 10

Rational answer to all of these, its just foolish people wanting to believe it is something else, with a number of fabrications I would reckon.

  anchor 15:54 16 Jul 10


I had previously heard this rumour concerning Howard Carter. However IF robbing did occur, I suspect it was for a few souvenirs, rather than classic tomb robbing as such.

I feel the charge against him is "not proven".

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  DANZIG 16:01 16 Jul 10

Interesting read, but the only one that seems genuinely spooky is the one about the omen. Anyone ever thought it spooky that nearly all the major players in The Great Escape are dead......? Spooooooky!

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