The Holidays are not coming

  wee eddie 14:29 26 Nov 06

to those of us who work in the Service Industries and Essential Services.

That is frequently for those who, with a few exceptions, are at, or near to, the bottom of the pay ladder. Legal protection for them is now minimal, and is frequently flouted, or has been removed by Government fiat.

All you office wallah's should think of them as you quaff your Christmas Cheer or go, late night, shopping.

  DANZIG 16:03 26 Nov 06

I agree.

I'm having one day off at Christmas....Christmas Day.

And thats only because my company is too miserly to pay us extra for doing it.

Our head office, on the other hand, get a week and a half off.

  Kate B 16:05 26 Nov 06

If you don't like your job, change jobs. You're not shackled to one employer.

  facepaint 16:10 26 Nov 06

They say it's dark at the bottom of the pile so shout if we trod on you.

Some I know would love to work through this holiday period.

  Amyfa 16:36 26 Nov 06

You can't just say if you dont like your jobs change jobs, its not always that easy. Also if everyone stopped working in those low paid open all hours all days jobs what would happen? How would you get your Chocolate at 1am Kate B

  Kate B 16:39 26 Nov 06

I didn't say don't do a low-paid job, I said change jobs. We don't have full employment and so there is a lot of movement in the job market. I'm not very patient with people who moan about their circumstances but do nothing to change them. If something's not right in your life, make an effort to fix it. If that effort fails, then yes, you can have sympathy and meantime I'll support you like mad in your attempts to change and fix things.

  mikef. 17:40 26 Nov 06

I was originally rotered for Christmas Day AND New Years eve managed to get rid of Christmas Day in the end, aren't NHS On Call rotas great

  wee eddie 17:53 26 Nov 06

However, if all the jobs in the category to which you are affiliated offer, more or less, the same terms. You're stuffed!

I was not moaning but as I am starting a second career in Retailing, after 25 years with my own Restaurant/Café, just stating a fact.

The so called "Holiday Season" is subsidised by a large number of workers who have little opportunity of having that period off.

  Amyfa 18:00 26 Nov 06

One of my brothers loves his job it's in retail. This year he has managed to get Christmas day and Boxing Day off, but most years he has to work Boxing Day as that’s when the sales start. He has to work New Year’s Day as a compromise though. He does not want to change his job but he would love all the bank holidays off like others get. So it’s not really a case of if you don’t like your job change it, you can love your job but not like some aspects of it.

  lisa02 18:06 26 Nov 06

I love being in retail wee eddie and no matter where you go it is still the same one/two days off if you're lucky. Those that don't are financially rewarded and it is usually voluntary, in my experience, those with adult families or no family would choose to work it.

"The so called "Holiday Season" is subsidised by a large number of workers who have little opportunity of having that period off."

In relation to retail I'd say that the "holiday season" subsidises them. A lot of stores are only open (ie. financially viable) throughout the year thanks to holiday spending. In fact there's a few shops in Belfast that only open at Xmas! The premises remain empty all year! A bad/good Christmas can make or break a shop. Personally I love working retail this time of year and I am happy enough with 1 day off.

  Forum Editor 18:13 26 Nov 06

why not pity me as well?

I have to be here almost every day of the year - I'm certainly here each day over the Christmas period.

Spare a thought for the poor old Forum Editor when you're quaffing your Christmas cheer.

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