Holiday taken after school leave.

  Ex plorer 15:26 16 Jan 14

I read today where a family took a holiday after the holiday school break' for six days, and were fined.

See Here

I find it all a little harsh, after all many people have to work through school holidays to entertain those that take holidays in the UK during that time.

  spider9 17:02 16 Jan 14

*"and the children’s behaviour and schooling has improved massively since our holiday.’"

So what behavioural problems might there have been prior to this trip?

"The Sutherlands, from Telford, claim they have not lost out because the money they saved with an out-of-season holiday was greater than the penalty."

So why not just pay the original fine and save all this publicity??

"...told the court the family were warned they did not have permission to go on holiday."*

Got everything they deserved, I'm afraid.

  Woolwell 17:19 16 Jan 14

What tends to be overlooked is how those children who have missed lessons can catch up. Most teachers don't mind helping those who have been ill but having to do extra work to try to get a child who has been on holiday somewhere sunny rather grates.

  mart7 17:23 16 Jan 14

Its been around for some time has that rule,summer holidays are far cheaper after the school holidays,the result being many parents used to take their children on holiday in school time,now the parents have to request permission and there has to be exceptional circumstances.

  mart7 17:36 16 Jan 14

Good point Woolwell that is the reason i never took my kids on holiday in school time,didnt want them trying to catch up on lessons when back at school and adds extra pressure to the teachers.

  spuds 17:51 16 Jan 14

I wonder if this new rule about "exceptional circumstances", applies to head teacher's and staff, who close school's due to 'exceptional' weather.

Around my neck of the woods, there was an outcry when this happened, because some school's stayed open and others closed, and the weather conditions where all identical. Some parent's had to take immediate time off work or make alternative child care arrangements.

With the extra training, I thought that was one of the reasons some school's took on classroom assistant's?.

I want to make it clear, that i am only asking possible questions, not referring to this particular family or case.

  Woolwell 18:41 16 Jan 14

Spuds - There has to be minimum of staff in to look after children. If staff, whether they are qualified teachers or assistants, cannot get to the school then the school has to close. There is a legal obligation to look after the children. You can imagine the outcry if one wasn't properly looked after. The new rule obviously does not apply due to exceptional weather.

Those who work in education can only take holidays during these peak periods. These staff cannot take advantage of the cheaper prices.

  namtas 18:50 16 Jan 14

There will have to a solutions to this, it was not properly thought through, I don't believe that children should miss schooling but sometimes I believe that it is not an option for adults to take holidays as and when. I think that this was a easy option, it is too rigid and in my opinion not necessarily the better option.

  spider9 19:03 16 Jan 14

This was a particular case sensationalised and spun for 'Mail readers'.

Read between the lines, they were warned, knew the consequences, had a month to pay the fine (and didn't!) - there is maybe far more to this then a simple school 'holiday' story!!

Wonder if the Mail are paying anything for the 'story' and family photos.

Journalism at it's lowest, I'm afraid. The only surprising thing is there wasn't an 'immigrant' slant to it!!

  rdave13 19:06 16 Jan 14

What I can't understand in this case is why they didn't discuss this with the head teacher in the first place before booking the holiday. I'm sure head teachers are human and will listen to the circumstances and apply common sense to the issue. Even if refused then all they had to do was add the first fine to the holiday cost and pay it promptly. I can only see fault with the father as he seems to be a bit hardheaded to me. He brought all this cost on himself.

  bumpkin 23:31 16 Jan 14

apply common sense to the issue. I can't remember the last time that entered the equation re schooling or anything else.

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