jz 20:47 15 Mar 08

This is something I've been wondering about for several years (don't ask me why)...

Is the surname Hitler still in use in Germany? If not, is this because it was a very rare surname in the days of Hitler, or is it because lots of people had their names changed?

Sorry for asking such add odd question.

  belfman 21:19 15 Mar 08
  Quickbeam 21:45 15 Mar 08

I have an unusual surname... does this make me evil too? (Quickbeam is not my real name).

  Grey Goo 21:48 15 Mar 08

I wonder how far the genetic disorder that caused the original "testicular challenged" individual has spread. Or does the defect result in some sort of self regulation.

  Bingalau 22:08 15 Mar 08

Grey Goo. I take it you have been listening to the words of the song.... It was actually Goebels who had none at all... (in the song that is).

  Grey Goo 22:42 15 Mar 08

Didn't mean to imply complete gelding, just impaired.

  jakimo 23:45 15 Mar 08

Hitler only had one,and sung to the tune of the "Colonel Bogey March".
Hitler is a common name in Austria (his birthplace)

  DANZIG 00:14 16 Mar 08

Don't know if this is true or not but I've heard that by German Law, German parents are not allowed to call their kids Hitler..

  jz 17:02 16 Mar 08

Thanks for your replies everyone. That's my curiosity satisfied.

  josie mayhem 20:26 16 Mar 08

If I remeber rightly, that there was a close relation that shared Hitler name, but he changed his name and move to America, he and his wife choose not to have children... I think that he assumption the line will die out with them....

  Miros 11:28 17 Mar 08

There was a pub in Ballincollig Co Cork, known has Hitler's, reputed to sell this best pint in the town, never tried it out myself although I lived close by for ten years.
I think it was known by that name because of a landlord that sported a mustache like Hitlers.

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