HIT & RUN..!!

  hijo 20:36 08 Nov 06

in relation to the amount of serious crime thats been caused heres a story of a guy that was victim of "hit & run" here in HULL,the police today issued the cctv footage of the actual moment when he was hit to catch the driver...

click here

  sunny staines 20:38 08 Nov 06

hope the driver is caught.

  wee eddie 20:46 08 Nov 06

While a Jay-walking pedestrian does not let the motorist off the hook, it doesn't make the decision as to who is in the wrong a little more difficult.

  hijo 21:32 08 Nov 06

but the guy is in the middel of the road i think & the car is into the other side ...???

  Rossi#1 21:34 08 Nov 06

The car veered towards him!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:47 08 Nov 06

Another interpretation is that the car swerved away from where the jay walker was, and would have missed him had the jay walker stayed put. I'm not condoning the driveing off, but what the hell was this pedestrian doing? drunk? on the phone? I'll tell you what he wasnt doing, and that was looking around as he crossed the road.

Interesting, though, how different people (on this forum) can watch the same footage and see different things.


  mammak 21:58 08 Nov 06

Well what I saw was the bloke was crossing the road and the driver of that car ploughed right into him and did not stop!

  lisa02 22:02 08 Nov 06

I saw the same as mammak

  alB 22:02 08 Nov 06

After all the pros and cons are weighed up the bottom line has got to be how the hell could anyone drive off and leave somebody lying in the road, how could you sleep at night knowing you'd done that ...alB

  hijo 22:31 08 Nov 06

yep HOW COULD anyone leave this person on the road,
as the driver MUST of known he had hit someone HARD HARD HARD,i didnt notice the guy on the phone to be honest,
however if he was this might of cotributed to why he was hit,
iam not saying he deserved it no way sir BUT as we know using our m/phones does disstract us,hense why its illegal to drive whilst using it,
the car driver DID vere towards him...i'll let u know the outcome of it..!!!

  Koochy 22:53 08 Nov 06

Find the driver and hang him/her end of problem cut and dry.
I understand it may have been an accident (knocking the man down) but it ain't no accident that the low life scum drove off.


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