History in the making? New Rubber No Name

  peter99co 12:28 21 Feb 08

What will this stuff be used for? Any ideas?
click here

  Quickbeam 12:40 21 Feb 08

should I start keeping urine in case the share prices rocket...?

  wee eddie 12:49 21 Feb 08

Space suit, Diving Suit, Car Tyre

  lisa02 12:52 21 Feb 08

some sort of insulating or waterproofing?

  peter99co 12:54 21 Feb 08

A suggestion on the local radio was Ladies Tights

  Bingalau 15:05 21 Feb 08

Fuel tanks on aircraft.???

  justme 21:22 21 Feb 08

All the suggestions so far have one drawback... the darn stuff sticks to itself. If you were wearing say a diving suit made of this material and your arm touched your body then the new rubber would stick to itself.

The suggestion that kids toys could be made of this also wouldn't work as when all the toys were thrown together they would end up one gigantic blob of stuck together toys.

Of course the suit and the toys could be coated to prevent this happening but the coating would inevitably crack/rub off/be cut and the new wonder rubber could then stick to itself.

On a lighter note may I suggest that they make footballs and goalkeepers gloves from this wonder material. It might make for better goalkeeping but they would need a lot of balls and gloves during the game, and watching the goalkkeper trying to throw the ball out to his teammates would be very entertaining.

  laurie53 07:23 22 Feb 08

I can think of rubber goods where self healing could give you a entirely false sense of security, but I don't suppose FE will let me mention it!

  Forum Editor 07:41 22 Feb 08

And you would be right.

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