Hip Hip Hooray?

  oresome 19:02 21 Nov 07

House energy assessors are complaining of too few houses coming on the market to make a killing, sorry living out of.

There are 5,000 qualified assessors right now with another 10,000 in training so pickings will get thinner.

Do we need this bureaucracy?

  J B 19:19 21 Nov 07

In a word, No! J.B.

  Monoux 19:24 21 Nov 07

Perhaps thats because HIPS are seen as what they are another Rip off and folks are saying enough is enough. Final straw and camels backs perhaps.

  sunny staines 19:28 21 Nov 07

you can do hips yourself, but get stitched up by having to use an energy assessment worker to tick the boxes on the HIPS form.

there is nothing in the HIPS that a buyer is interested in, our local estate agents says no one ever asks to see them.

needs scrapping a big waste of money when times are hard for house moving.

  interzone55 20:54 21 Nov 07

The people who trained as HIPS inspectors are probably the same people who jumped on the plumbing bandwagon a few years ago when there were rumours that plumber earned more than stock brokers.

btw I doubt HIPS has caused the drop in house sales, more like worries that the house market is about to go belly up

  Forum Editor 23:01 21 Nov 07

The day the house market goes belly up I will run naked onto the Wimbledon centre court during the womens' final.

  DrScott 01:52 22 Nov 07

now I'd happily lose money on my house for that :)

  sunny staines 02:07 22 Nov 07

cannot understand why it has not been scrapped, someone in govt must have looked at it by now to evaluate its effect. i don't think it will affect the house sales other than to waste £300-£400 from house sellers with no useful return for anyone other than the HIPS agent getting easy money for next to nothing for a useless purpose.

  jack 09:32 22 Nov 07

I would be interesting to know who it was who thought this nonsense up- a surveyor no doubt- and how he conned the government to take it on.

  realist 18:52 22 Nov 07

HIPS for all properties from 14 December that should please the hard-pressed energy assessors:
click here

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