Here's whats wrong with the new site

  WhiteTruckMan 22:47 PM 08 Apr 11

Bear this in mind the next time you get an exception instead of the site:)


  peter99co 23:24 PM 08 Apr 11

I have just got back on via a Google. Very strange OOPS message before.

  Covergirl 23:26 PM 08 Apr 11

Even the links don't work (yet)!!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:38 PM 08 Apr 11

Well, the link actually works ( I just checked it) but as it appeared you have to cut and paste it. But I'll give it another try.

Or even

Lets see what happens now.


  WhiteTruckMan 23:43 PM 08 Apr 11

Nope! Cant seem to get a clickable link!

If anyone is interested enough, they will have to copy and paste the address.


  peter99co 23:46 PM 08 Apr 11

Octal know how to set up a link but he is not telling yet. See the Dutch Bus Posting I made.

  Forum Editor 23:48 PM 08 Apr 11

"Even the links don't work (yet)!!" text

You can form a hyperlink by clicking the little green icon in the reply box, and typing the url in the dialogue that appears.

  Forum Editor 23:51 PM 08 Apr 11

link text


  peter99co 23:54 PM 08 Apr 11

WOW thats very clever FE.

  lotvic 00:38 AM 09 Apr 11

Me too link text

  lotvic 00:56 AM 09 Apr 11

mines a pint

seems to work quite well


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