Here's wee eddie's favourite sport

  Bingalau 12:20 11 Apr 08

I see this sport is getting as much coverage as the swimming, which is practically zero. No doubt wee eddie keeps up with it of course, but aren't they doing well?

click here

  techie4me 12:37 11 Apr 08

Hang on, Curling got shown live when at the Olympic Winter Games in 2002 Team Great Britain (with a few scots thrown in for good measure)Won the Gold Medal.

  wee eddie 12:46 11 Apr 08

Except Eurosport, which shows only the German Teams Games.

Sadly the World Rights are taken by CBC and WCSN which means that: Although they are only showing Highlights and Specific Games in their own Regions, they will not allow CurlTV to stream the other games Worldwide

  wee eddie 12:47 11 Apr 08
  Bingalau 13:39 11 Apr 08

Not an energetic sport but certainly very skillful and watchable. Pity these minor sports don't get the publicity they deserve.

I also notice that at the World Swimming Championships yesterday Britain won two gold medals. I wonder if that made a big splash in the papers this morning. Nah!! there's golf on the telly though isn't there?

By the way I believe swimming should be made compulsory in school for all children. All schools should have a swimming pool. No child should reach the age of seven without being able to swim. The benefit in health and fitness would outweigh the costs eventually. Not to mention deaths through drowning.

  Forum Editor 15:16 11 Apr 08

curling hasn't become more popular as a participatory sport, particularly in the south of the country. I would have though it held considerable appeal - it certainly does for me, and I would be there like a shot if there was somewhere reasonably near to where I lived.

  Stuartli 15:24 11 Apr 08

I used to have a friend (now sadly no longer with us) who was a Scottish national curling champion; he did get his leg pulled a bit at times though...:-)

  techie4me 15:52 11 Apr 08

Bit like Rugby League, mostly played by teams in the North of England where it's heartland of supporters are.

  Bingalau 16:14 11 Apr 08

Stuartli. I can beat that because I have a friend who used to be the Yo-Yo World Champion. He does an awful lot of shows for charities. and when the sudden burst of interest in Yo-Yo's appeared a couple of years ago, He was giving demos' the length and breadth of the country, just for his expenses.

  wee eddie 19:15 11 Apr 08

Tunbridge Wells ~ Fentons.

There's talk of one being set up in Cambridge and another in Cardiff but I'll believe it when I see it.

  laurie53 20:23 11 Apr 08

"By the way I believe swimming should be made compulsory in school for all children"

I can remember being forced into the water when I was in school.

The misery and fear are with me yet.

As a result I was too terrified to learn to swim until I was in my late teens, and even then just enough to be able to save my life if I just slipped in somewhere.

Even now I hate the water, and haven't been in since the 60s.

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