Here is a simple question......

  Legolas 16:47 15 May 11

....but I suspect not a simple answer. What is the best weedkiller to clear paths/driveways of weeds.

  BT 17:04 15 May 11

Simple answer


  mobileman1953 17:29 15 May 11

roundup or any weedkiller containing glyposate , kills roots as well as weeds (systemic) weedkiller

  birdface 17:36 15 May 11

I had a quick look on the Internet just to see what one I normaly use as I have forgot it's name duh.I came across this and wondered what you thought. It sounds like a good idea and might keep the cats away at the same time.

Killing Weeds

Anybody ever try it.It has to be a lot cheaper than normal weed killer.

  morddwyd 17:38 15 May 11

Resolva - best thing I've ever found for dandelions, notoriously difficult to eradicate.

100% success so far.

  Legolas 17:48 15 May 11

morddwyd If resolva kills dandelions then it might be the one. I have several large dandelions and they are growing up betewwen the bricks in the drive so can't get at the roots with a hoe or spade. Is resolva cat friendly, don't want to harm our cat.

  Pineman100 18:04 15 May 11

Legolas - for weedkilling on a path you need two effects. You want the excisting weeds kiled but you also want to the weedkiller to have a residual effect, so that new weeds don't grow in the months to come.

Glyphosate weedkillers will kill the existing plamts effectively enough, but they have no residual effect.

I reckon BT's suggestion of Pathclear is your best choice for both effects. Nothing will prevent future re-growth for ever, but in my experience Pathclear has a residual effect that should see you clear for the rest of this season.

  Grey Goo 18:18 15 May 11

SBK Brushkiller diluted for weeds. Will kill just about anything including bushes, tree stumps etc.

  morddwyd 19:41 15 May 11


Must agree with Pineman, Pathclear best for paths, normally keeps them clear for the rest of the season

Resolva is very good with dandelions in awkward spots where there are sensitive surroundings.

Had one on the edge of a pond which obviously had to be kept pure, I had tried everything over the space of five years but this thing kept coming back.

Resolva killed in in a fortnight, and the site site has now been clear for two years.

  daz60 20:14 15 May 11

Guys an interesting thread.I am no gardener but recently on holiday with sister in law i noticed her garden teeming with dandelions. It is quite a large one so looks unsightly,what is the best/most effective weed killer to use,so i can pass on the info.

  sunnystaines 20:29 15 May 11


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