Help with petrol mower set-up!

  realist 19:00 02 Jun 07

Just switched from electric to petrol and the instructions are ambiguous re the air filter set-up.
There's a folded paper-type filter already installed but there's also reference to a sponge-type filter soaked in oil?
Do I need both do you think?
(there wasn't a sponge one installed on delivery but there's one in the service kit)
Doesn't really seem like there's room for both that's why I'm confused.

It's a Stiga brand

  Forum Editor 19:07 02 Jun 07

I have never used the oil-soaked type - they clog very easily. The paper ones are fine, just make sure you clean it occasionally.

Follow my advice at your own risk, I don't want a damaged motor mower on my conscience.

  Pamy 19:11 02 Jun 07

As usuall , make modell etc

  realist 20:00 02 Jun 07

Thanks FE....
for your excellent advice. I'm off to mow a meadow, well a smallish lawn actually.

  laurie53 20:02 02 Jun 07

Don't forget the dog!

  Pamy 20:08 02 Jun 07

you may want to contact them click here

  namtas 21:06 02 Jun 07

You have options, if your mower is going to be used in a dry or dusty part of the country, you may opt to use the oil soaked filter, you need to clean the air filter several times a year. Normally to do so, place it in a pan of warm, soapy water, and squeeze gently until the sponge is clean. Add some new engine oil to the sponge, then squeeze it out so the filter is barely damp. If you use the disposable paper filter, don't try to clean it just replace it with a new one. The oil filter is probably more effective, and less expensive, wont have to buy paper filters but you will have to maintain it often.

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