help for elderly, election

  kidsis 19:36 29 Sep 09

I realised there would be an election fairly soon when someone told me today that GB is promising the frail elderly personal care at home. Of course it will start after the election, should Labour win.

  Quickbeam 20:16 29 Sep 09

Manna from heaven from Gordo then...

  peter99co 20:57 29 Sep 09

Grasping at straws. Somebody pull the plug

  spuds 23:01 29 Sep 09

The major problem when governments start talking about such schemes, is that these schemes are tied up with hard to understand rules and regulations, usually with a twist in the tail.

  jakimo 23:36 29 Sep 09

He didn't say what year such a scheme would start...most likely allot of the frail biddies who vote in support for such a generous scheme wont be with us when it becomes operational,by which time I will probably be one of the old biddies and the scheme will have changed anyway due to the lack of funds.

  Picklefactory 08:13 30 Sep 09

I might be tad cynical, but there always seems to be a large gap between bouts of governmental 'help the aged', they always seem to come around election time, or is that my imagination?

  Quickbeam 08:17 30 Sep 09

Maybe your just overly paranoid...

  kidsis 11:21 30 Sep 09

picklefactory, I do agree with you. I can just about remember the time when I believed what politicians said, talk about naive. I would have more faith if they brought in things like this much earlier in the life of a parliament, instead of promising them towards the end "if we get in". They really do think we're stupid.

  peter99co 15:35 30 Sep 09

Like taking sweets from strangers. It is after you take the sweet you are in big trouble.

  peter99co 16:23 30 Sep 09

click here

Promises Promises. Where does the money come from to fund that scheme?

  Grey Goo 11:58 01 Oct 09

Seems good in principle, however our local Hospital has a large car park but is still about 10% too small for the amount of traffic. If parking were free might not people who travel on the bus, because of punitive parking charges, to visit take their cars instead and make the situation worse.

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