Hello - new member intro

  Phil Ocifer 22 Aug 12

Just a quick test to see if I can post as no email confirmation has appeared after 10 mins.

Quick introduction - my names John, I'm not after anything but a bit of crack, I might be controversial at times but I've seen your forum editor wield the axe whilst I've been watching in the background, and I can take a telling off.

Nuff said, just in case it doesn't post

  Phil Ocifer 22 Aug 12

Well, it didn't post first time but I got a message about a confirmation email which actually arrived this time, so clicked and confirmed and posted. Little niggle/glitch - lets see if I can live with it . . .

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 12

Welcome to our forum. Let's hope you don't have to take a telling off.

  rdave13 22 Aug 12

Phil Ocifer , WELCOME. If you like the forum stay. If you don't like it then hang around a while till you get hooked.. :)

  Brumas 22 Aug 12

Welcome, shall expect your input on Friday night's IL/TP ;o}]

  Nontek 22 Aug 12

Welcome to the forum(s) John, or is that Phil!!

  Phil Ocifer 22 Aug 12

LoL Username Phil real name John nothing to hide West Cumbria 52 y/o lets keep it as Phil eh? Off to bed early riser :)

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 12


Pay attention - Phil Ocifer, get it?

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 12

A golden rule for web-forums - it's not such a good idea to publish personal details on a public access website.

  Nontek 22 Aug 12


Yes I got it - just being tongue-in-cheek!

  Condom 22 Aug 12

Welcome Phil. Don't mention him with the red nosed reindeer before you are given permission and you will do OK with the FE.


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