Heavy metal rock for Finland in ESC

  octal 09:43 21 May 06

I wonder if this is a wake up call to Eurovision Song Contest that people are getting fed up with the usual mix of pansies, posies and puppy dog tails we have been getting over the years. I think it was brave of Finland to attempt to enter such a song, more power to their elbow and long may it continue.

Great video by the way.

click here

  jimv7 10:28 21 May 06


  Mr Mistoffelees 10:41 21 May 06

This is the best thing that has happened to Eurovision in my lifetime, and I'm nearly 42!

  johndrew 11:13 21 May 06

Good looking people these Finns. No wonder they have gone nuclear!!!

  bosmere 11:19 21 May 06

Long live R n R - out with the pap.

Let's resurrect Iron Maiden for Englands' entry next year :-)

  martjc 11:46 21 May 06

...Best thing I've seen in *music* for a while!

Mr Mistoffelees...
I used to be nearly 42, quite a few years ago now. And I second what you say!

  watchful 13:20 21 May 06

left 42 behind a while ago and I think it was a great wake-up call for Eurovision!

  semag 13:22 21 May 06

thank god for Terry Wogan, he makes the program enjoyable. Fantastic.

  DrScott 15:26 21 May 06

Very good result...

Not really heavy metal though - except for the outfits.

Still makes a refreshing change :o)

  wolfie3000 15:49 21 May 06


Not to do them down but for most metal fans Lordi are considered a joke band in the same vain as Gwar,

Just google a picture of them to see what i mean,

I do think that more metal bands should enter euro vision but apart from england i cant think of any in europe.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:17 21 May 06


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