Curio 14:25 09 Nov 08

Just a bit pre Xmas for FE methinks, but must get it in before series finishes.
My wife swears that in the closing credits to this programme, (in the bottom right hand quadrant) there is an image of Father Xmas and his sleigh riding off into the distance. I saw something, but not positively identified it. Anyone else seen it? Have a look tonight.

  Forum Editor 14:26 09 Nov 08

to the PCA forum Winter Festival traditional name-mentioning embargo, but in view of our long association I'll turn a blind mouse - just this once.

  peter99co 14:35 09 Nov 08

I love this programme but get really annoyed when they show next weeks highlights at the end. It seems to be a common thing on ITV to do this and as a result I switch over as soon as they start.

I did this with the Sharpe last week (I don't want to see any highlights of next episode)and probably missed the information as to when part two is on.

  lofty29 15:04 09 Nov 08

After heartbeat tonight, am recording on the pc and then burning to DVD. I am a great fan of Sharpe have all the books and dvd's, but I wish when the Tv or film studios get hold of something like this they would use a bit of common sense, if they had followed the original books they could have come in halfway through, shown sharpes commision as a flashback and then they would still have had a lot more stories available, instead of which they are having to cobble so much together.

  lofty29 15:05 09 Nov 08

sorry have put your handle wrong.

  lofty29 15:06 09 Nov 08

15 and counting.

  lofty29 15:06 09 Nov 08

Sorry 21 and counting

  spuds 16:10 09 Nov 08

It wasn't Bill Maynard passing through ;o)

  peter99co 16:16 09 Nov 08

What a rogue and a scoundrel he was. A larger than life character very much missed.

  laurie53 19:13 09 Nov 08

"I did this with the Sharpe last week (I don't want to see any highlights of next episode)"

Chance would be a fine thing (see my other post)!

  Legolas 21:55 09 Nov 08

I seen something at the closing credits of tonight's episode which did look like Santa and sleigh. It might just have been the clouds in the background going across the sky in that kind of time lapse way. Not sure you only see it for a few seconds.

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