Hayley Westenra

  belfman 19:40 27 Feb 08

I'm going to see her in April when she's in my neck of the woods. I'm really looking forward to it. Anyone else going to see her or been to see her perform recently?

  Forum Editor 19:47 27 Feb 08

but one opera critic I read described her thus:

"she is to opera singing what Paris Hilton is to Shakespearian acting"

I know that Kiri Te Kanawa refused to share a stage with her, and calls her a 'fake singer', but that's about the sum of my knowledge. I'll have a listen on iTunes, and try to form an opinion of my own.

  Bingalau 19:50 27 Feb 08

FE. She's gorgeous to look at and sings beautifully..

  laurie53 20:04 27 Feb 08

Do you not find that the arts "establishment" often reacts like this if someone does not fit the mould?

I seem to remember Nigel Kennedy got a bit of stick when he started, as did Leslie Garret.

I recently saw similar criticisms of Katherine Jenkins.

Look how the art world denigrates Jack Vettriano, I suspect mainly because he manages to make money from his pictures before he's dead!

  belfman 20:06 27 Feb 08

That's mean beyond mean - I bet it came from talentless twit with ears painted on his head.

As for Kiri perhaps she sees Hayley as a threat.

  dukeboxhero 20:13 27 Feb 08

Given the choice between Hayley Westenra or Kiri Te Kanawa i would go for Hayley every time

  VCR97 20:52 27 Feb 08

The reason why Kiri Te Kanawa made that comment, according to a discussion on Radio 4, is because opera singers use only their voice to fill a hall, whereas Hayley Westenra uses a sound system.

  Bingalau 20:54 27 Feb 08

I like Katherine Jenkins too. But I also like Kiri. So that's all three of them as being excellent in my book. FE. Don't believe what you read in the press.

  Miros 21:09 27 Feb 08
  Miros 21:11 27 Feb 08

Excuse posting posted in error, personally not keen on Hayley Westenra.

  lofty29 09:10 28 Feb 08

She is a wondeful singer, unfortunatley many of what are know as crossover singers tend to get stick from the snobbish purists, but they give the general public a great deal of pleasure, I remember when harry secombe first started to sing, when all he was known for was as a goon

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