have you seen the comet

  sunny staines 02:46 20 Nov 07

yesterday [mon] at 5am saw the comet in the easter sky like a torch shining out of the sky seen with naked eye. apparently will be around for afew nights reason its so bright is that scientists think it may have exploded on impact with a astroid, never seen a comet so bright before. hazy clound here now so not yet seen it this morning.

  sunny staines 02:47 20 Nov 07

should read eastern sky

  wiz-king 05:25 20 Nov 07

A break in the rain would be nice so I might get a glimse of it!

  sunny staines 05:36 20 Nov 07

raining here too now.

  HCOOH 09:28 20 Nov 07

Is this the 17P/Holmes Comet.

  sunny staines 12:24 20 Nov 07

yes the one called holmes.

  pj123 13:39 20 Nov 07

Saw it in late October when it did its fantastic expansion act.

It is now bigger and brighter than the Sun.

The Sun is Magnitude 4.83 and Comet Holmes is Magnitude 2.5.

Just checked the latest reports and the brightness is actually fading so it may not be visible to the naked eye shortly.

  Earthsea 14:03 20 Nov 07

Do you live in a different solar system? The magnitude of the Sun is -26 on Earth. Holmes must be a very big comet...

  skidzy 16:27 20 Nov 07

Plenty of info here click here

  Blackhat 17:55 20 Nov 07

Have been watching for a while and discussing on another forum, took this photo last week, digital camers, 10x optical zoom, inverted image for clarity.

click here

This amature site has some very usefull info about what there is to see, constantly updated and if you dig around a bit you will find good info on comet Holmes and plenty of links,

click here

  pj123 18:21 21 Nov 07

Earthsea, absolute Magnitude of the Sun is 4.83. As you say Visual Brightness is -26.74

The Comet Holmes changed from a very dim 17 magnitude to 2.5 in a matter of about 42 hours.

click here

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