Have You Registered for the Lloyds Bank Sell Off

  oresome 20:17 28 Oct 15

The Government is selling it's remaining shareholding in Lloyds Bank next year and the offer is open to the public, with incentives for those who hold onto the shares for a year.

Third quarter results for the bank were announced today and came in under analysts expectations. The bank is still putting aside large amounts for the PPI mis-selling scandal and it's profits are strongly allied to growth in the UK economy which is falling at the moment, so it's not out of the woods yet.

I'll not be registering an interest in purchasing shares.

  bumpkin 22:14 28 Oct 15

RSB looks a good deal if you can get enough of them. As daft as it may seem this is not a bad time to buy TalkTalk.

  BT 08:11 29 Oct 15

Don't think I'll bother. I have a small number (116) which were issued when they took over Friends Provident. Latest Dividend (first for several years) was just 87p.

  spuds 09:58 29 Oct 15

I was one of those people who was rather greedy and grabbed the full amount of shares in all the previous share sell-outs.

On this occasion, I will wait to see if I receive a prospectus from those involved with the sale. But at present its very unlikely, if I will go any further than that.

Must leave plenty for the commercial market players, so they can once again, make large profits from the public purse.

  oresome 10:33 29 Oct 15

Vince Cable got heavily criticised for selling Royal Mail off on the cheap, so government may be more wary this time.

Vince argued that he had been advised by the City boys as to what price to sell, but it was the same clique that were buying.

  bumpkin 12:16 29 Oct 15

The trouble with these sell offs is that us plebs are rationed to just a few shares so hardly worth bothering with.

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