Have you got Worms?

  Kev.Ifty 23:21 25 Jun 08

I have a friend, a Doctor, studying at Warwick Uni. She tells me that a good, proven cure for my Hay Fever is to have Hookworms pasted on my arm a la nicotine patches.

Would you prefer sneezing to worm infestation?

I can only find this click here to back up her claim lol.


  paul€ 23:39 25 Jun 08

Which/witch doctor would that be?

  birdface 23:42 25 Jun 08


  Forum Editor 00:31 26 Jun 08

I'll settle for the hay fever.

  laurie53 07:05 26 Jun 08

Don't see that this is any different to leeches which are still used in a few cases.

Use of maggots on infected wounds is fairly well documented, and in South Yemen we would often stay in the sea for an hour or so if we had an infected wound or a boil and a load of small fishes would come and painlessly clean and sterilize the area.

  crosstrainer 07:47 26 Jun 08

Sneezing thanks :)

  sunny staines 09:23 26 Jun 08

There was one last year for stomach worms and people suffering from MS, apparently the worms secret a chemical to subdue the immune system to prevent the bodies immune system attacking them, but a side effect helps calm down the MS.

click here.

beconase it is then:)

  charmingman 09:30 26 Jun 08

Having looked at a couple of pic's of Hookworms I'm with FE i'll keep the tablets please

looking at these pics its gross to think thats a moving worm under your skin..YUUCK

click here

click here

  GRIDD 09:45 26 Jun 08

I'd try the worms as any time I've tried tablets they've had me doubled in two with stomach cramps.

  Stuartli 11:39 26 Jun 08

Better than tapeworms...:-)

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