Have you ever been hacked?

  PC Advisor 09:58 11 Oct 11
  Woolwell 10:45 11 Oct 11

Is spoofing of your e-mail address hacking? I think not. The first question about e-mail is open to people thinking about spoofing. Hacking is surely when someone accesses your account and send e-mails. I suspect that this is rarer than people think although hotmail has seemed to be open to this.

  bremner 15:46 11 Oct 11

Interesting question.

The last option should / could have been -

I have never knowingly had anything hacked.

  proudfoot 16:31 11 Oct 11

I am not aware of my PC being hacked but I have had 2 long haul airline tickets and payments to the London congestion charge to my credit card. The CC company phoned me to ask if these were correct. I told them NO as at the time I was in the North of England at that time and I had around the same time paid for a weekend stay in a hotel there. Maybe they could see the discrepancy. The entries were stopped and interest put on hold. The account was sorted out within about 10-14 days. My step son had a similar situation and when he was talking on the phone to the call centre he was told someone at the same time was trying to carry out a gambling transaction in adifferent part of the country whilst they were talking.

  morddwyd 22:00 11 Oct 11

My bank account has been hacked, my e-mail account has been hacked, my PayPal account has been hacked and my credit card account has been hacked (we're talking about twenty years here).

Where should I put my vote?

  proudfoot 12:00 12 Oct 11

Morddwyd. Jim Hacker

  Chegs ®™ 21:32 12 Oct 11

I dont have a bank account so cant have it hacked,I dont possess a credit card so it cant have been used fruadulently,I do have a social networking site account,but haven't used it in several years so dont care if it has been/dont know if it has been hacked.I dont believe my hotmail accounts have been hacked,though recall seeing some time ago that there was a guide on a webpage to learn howto hack hotmail accounts.

  Forum Editor 23:08 12 Oct 11


"My bank account has been hacked, my e-mail account has been hacked, my PayPal account has been hacked and my credit card account has been hacked"

Your experiences call to mind that famous line by Lady Bracknell:-

"To lose one parent, Mr. Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

  morddwyd 08:04 13 Oct 11


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