Have I missed Christmas?

  Macscouse 21 Dec 11

Going down the garden to feed the birds this morning, I noticed that the snowdrops are popping up all over the garden. Some of them are over three inches high. Have I slept in too long?

  johndrew 21 Dec 11

Depends whether you have done the same as Rumplestiltskin ;-)

  Brumas 21 Dec 11


Merry Christmas Rip Van Winkle


Sleeping Beauty ;o}}

  Macscouse 21 Dec 11

Here in the Costa del Nairn, it is usually the end of January before the snowdrops push through the snow, and some of the trees here are already starting to bud. The red squirrels are still cavorting around us at all hours. It's all rather strange, really!

  Quickbeam 21 Dec 11

I believe that Snow White missed the panto season due to a poisoned magic bean offered by Rumpelstiltskin despite jack Whitington pleading with her to not to eat it, or have I mixed my pantos somewhat?

  wiz-king 21 Dec 11

Must have - Iwalked into the post office at lunchtime today and there were only two people in there - both behind the counter.

  Condom 21 Dec 11

Unluckily I don't think so. I was taken shopping today by her indoors for a few little odds & sods and boy am I glad it wasn't supposed to be a big shop.

Anyway I did notice that Easter hot cross buns are already in the stores. Makes you wonder if Easter is really early this year.

My Snowflakes which are like big versions of Snowdrops are well up as well and a few are almost ready to flower. It is a pity as a couple of sharp frosts are likely to ruin what is usually a beautiful display.

Have a great day when it does come.

  Bingalau 23 Dec 11

Macscouse. I've been off-line for a couple of days and still having problems with my PC. But as for the garden, well I have got a carnaton blooming quite well still. It has had flowers on it since the summer continually. Must be the good Liverpool/Formby air...


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