Have I met a ghost

  Apron 07:10 26 Nov 06

or just a throwback. Yesterday I was struggling with a bicycle puncture, a young man came up the lane with a little dog and finished it for me. He was a love, no more than 15 and appeared a perfectly normal 21c lad. He came in to wash and had a cuppa and a piece of pie and went on his way. This is the strange part - he was whistling, now firstly, people don't seem to whistle these days, and secondly he was whistling 'Let me call you Sweetheart' How on earth would a 15 year-old know this? I looked at the charts - no revival. Was he from the past? Don't disillusion me I want to believe in my gallant ghost.

  Probabilitydrive 09:18 26 Nov 06

AAHH, what a wet handkerchief stories like this turn me into..Ghost? probably not,- but a gallant knight in shiny white armour? Now there is a thought.

It is at times baffeling, how much our attitude has changed towards the young 'uns. A little mover not wanting to nick your bike? Unbelievable...! A smooth shaker not gliding past you? D-oh!

They are still out there-the ones who know that just by doing something for someone else creates this fuzzy warm feeling, which makes you feel good...(ask yourself; do I like my gentle giant records? Of course I do...)

The song..now thats a good 'un. Only thing, which springs to mind is the X-factor. On it is a young lad, who knows your Sinatra from your Elvis..spectaculary old-fashioned good delivery, and he must be not older than 16 himself.

In any case here are the lyrics to the song click here

  Apron 09:28 26 Nov 06

Oh Probabilitydrive, thank you for the site. I know the song well It was a party piece once, me and Gramps. I'm nearly crying. I will enjoy the site no end, it's gone to Favourites. You are a star. Imagine if Gramps knew that I would one day find all his favourites on the www.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:03 26 Nov 06

is currently being used to advertise a mobile phone network on TV - the one with the wind up toy.

  rodriguez 12:32 26 Nov 06

Yes the song's on an advert which is probably where he got it from. It's shown quite a few times as well.

  Apron 13:25 26 Nov 06

All is explained, we don't have TV. Pity he wasn't a ghost, I could have my own secret garden. Thanks everyone.

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