Has the SNP Bubble Burst?

  morddwyd 05:56 24 Oct 12

With two MSPs resigning the whip, and Big Eck accused of barefaced lying, and having to rush to the chamber, is it all beginning to unravel for the SNP?

If he loses one more he is no longer guaranteed an overall majority.

  wee eddie 09:36 24 Oct 12

I think that the use of a terminological inexactitude, when discussing Scotland's Membership of the EEC, could turn out to be a milestone.

  Aitchbee 13:49 24 Oct 12

wee eddie - 'it' could turn out to be a millstone as well...but not heavy enough a millstone, I think, so as to asway the people who want to vote for independence in two years time.

  morddwyd 20:05 24 Oct 12

"not heavy enough a millstone, I think, so as to asway the people who want to vote for independence in two years time."

It's certainly begun to sway me.

It remains to be seen if my oscillations increase or decrease!

  oresome 20:50 24 Oct 12

There's no doubt that the complexities of independence are many and the associated costs for both parties if it occurs will be huge, both financially and politically.

Yet the outcome will be decided by a small minority of the UK population, many still at school.

  N47. 22:51 24 Oct 12

that a lying politician should lose his job.

So that includes Andrew Mitchell.

  Forum Editor 11:13 25 Oct 12


"So that includes Andrew Mitchell."

If proven to be a liar, yes. As far as I'm aware that hasn't happened.

  wee eddie 11:42 25 Oct 12

Carrying a millstone for a mile would be quite a feet, or feat, as one mite right, write.

I wrote milestone Aitchbee

  Aitchbee 12:34 25 Oct 12

wee eddie - it was much easier to 'play around' with 'milestone' rather than getting involved with 'terminological inexactitude' ;o)

  morddwyd 20:12 25 Oct 12

If the FE thinks I "wriggle", then he should watch the proceedings from Holyrood on BBC Scotland!

That is a masterclass in wriggling!

  Condom 09:13 26 Oct 12


Up until a few weeks ago I regularly watched the Scottish Parliament debates on Freeview and I wouldn't exactly support your views on wriggling, despite that being a wide definition.

What I have seen is good debate well controlled by a lady speaker and very little shouting and bawling like in the HoC. I think a lot could be learned by our politicians from watching a civilised chamber at work.

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