Has Nuclear Energy had its day?

  zzzz999 19 Sep 11

I know their are plans to replace the UK's ageing reactors but given Germany's decision to stop using Nuclear and now major corporations such as Siemens pulling out on the industry, is it only a matter of time?


  zzzz999 19 Sep 11

Dear Gawd, blame lack of coffee ....for 'Their' please read 'There'

  morddwyd 19 Sep 11

It's a knee jerk reaction from publicity conscious moguls (and some politicians).

In twenty years time nuclear will be as strong as ever.

Until a cheaper/better/cleaner method comes along there is no alternative to meeting the increasing need for electrical power.

  Quickbeam 19 Sep 11

Nuclear energy's day hasn't come yet, it still in the beta stage.

  zzzz999 19 Sep 11


  badgery 19 Sep 11

Rick'scafe "cleaner??"

Not sure what you mean by that, could you explain?

  bremner 19 Sep 11

Nuclear will undoubtedly be the mainstay of world-wide power generation for decades to come.

Just because Germany, with a very vocal and fairly powerful Green Party has overreacted to the Japanese incident does not for one minute mean that Nuclear power has had its day.

Sustainable energy sources quite simply cannot generate sufficient power, fossil fuels are running out and produce large quantities of greenhouse gases.

  Aitchbee 19 Sep 11

All I know is that energy bills for the domestic user will be on the up and up.The fiasco about wind farms being turned off at high wind peak times, over the weekend, will only make the public less confident in the government's GREEN policies.Nuclear energy seems the only way ahead.

  interzone55 19 Sep 11

I'm wondering how susceptible Germany is to earthquakes and tsunamis. Last time I checked there are no major fault lines under the North Sea that would cause the kind of "perfect storm" (I hate that term, but the press love it) that did for the Fukushima plant.

Remember there have been no deaths as a direct result of the fate that befell Fukushima, the safety systems acted just as they should, but unfortunately the tsunami wrecked both the back-up generator for the pumps, and the back-up generator for the back-up generator, and the third line back-up UPS batteries only ran for a few hours as they're just meant to cover for that long whilst waiting for fuel for the two generators.

  johndrew 19 Sep 11

If we go the way that many feel is correct, we shall quickly find that many of our pleasures and labour saving devices will no longer have any power - I include PCs in this. Wind is not reliable, wave has not yet even been developed properly, gas/coal has not enough power stations as a result there will not be enough power unless we have nuclear.

We could of course take these retrograde steps if the majority want to do so, alternatively those who wish to do so could do without the modern conveniences.

Perhaps more effort should be applied to developing nuclear fusion (if it is possible for such application); that way all requirements will be met.

  interzone55 19 Sep 11


Work is being carried out to develop nuclear fusion, but at the moment more power has to be used during the process than is generated.



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