Has Christmas been brought forward?

  Snec 13:01 16 Dec 09

Parliament has broken up for Christmas, the earliest break up ever. In the current climate I would have thought this one should have been the latest ever..... they have plenty of things requiring urgent discussion, and I do mean urgent.

Is there something (else) they've not told us about or, am I right, they just simply don't understand or care. Which is it?

  Cymro. 13:08 16 Dec 09

it is just the way the system works and it suites them well enough. I was rather hopping that things would have been changed by now but perhaps people just don`t change a system that works at least for them. Self interest I suppose.

  Snec 13:26 16 Dec 09

Blast! You are a party pooper.

  Snec 13:32 16 Dec 09

Do some fourm members do too much research?

I'd love to start a thread but not only is my humour at odds with PCA forumites, generally, but it's easy to misread fourum/fourm.

  Cymro. 13:42 16 Dec 09

Yes rather.
Personally I can`t be bothered to do any research unless it can be done very quickly. I probably don`t take the forum seriously enough but then that is probably how I take life in general.

FE is the one for doing his research before he replies but then he is the man in charge and perhaps is right to do so.

  Snec 13:52 16 Dec 09

LOL, got that! LOL again.

  wee eddie 13:55 16 Dec 09

Nowadays it takes much longer to work out how to put the "Pressies" through, as Expenses!

  wee eddie 13:58 16 Dec 09

I'm still trying to work out what we would have found out, had "Speaker Martin" not had all the Expenses Records, prior to April 2005, destroyed

  DANZIG 15:23 16 Dec 09

Thats just great, MP's have broken up already!?!?

I 'break up' on the 24th December and go back on the 26th December.

Merry Christmas!

  Simsy 02:46 17 Dec 09

I "break up" on 27th Dec and go back on 29th!



  Forum Editor 07:12 17 Dec 09

is that any mistake and I'm jumped on (quite rightly) from a great height.

In truth it's not difficult to research a topic on a superficial level, it starts to get a little time consuming if you want to do it properly, though.

The secret of good research is to compare as many sources as possible, and try to look for a consensus. Often it's almost impossible to find a common thread - renewable energy being a case in point. What you must never do is make a claim unless you can subsequently point to a source.

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