has bush found a new poodle

  sunny staines 19:10 18 Sep 07

in france click here

  Earthsea 19:19 18 Sep 07

Oh goody, even more idiots on the world stage.

  Forum Editor 19:29 18 Sep 07

Bernard Kouchner or President Sarkozy as 'idiots on the world stage'.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

  Earthsea 21:16 18 Sep 07

I'm not dismissing them, I'm worried by them.

  DieSse 00:35 19 Sep 07

I'm worried by them.

You should be more worried about the prospect of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

  Earthsea 02:23 19 Sep 07

Yes, I'm worried about that too.

What worries me most is military action being taken against Iran without UN backing.

  sunny staines 05:14 19 Sep 07

if iran/syria could get a nuke to hezblolla from n.korea/pakistan they would probally fire it off into israel once they had the know how to prime it to a missile. [n.korean help perhaps on that issue]

a future worry for israel.

  interzone55 08:56 19 Sep 07

I fail to understand why anyone, no matter how fanatical, would lob a nuclear warhead at another country. Surely they should realise that the UN would drop down on any nuclear aggressor like a ton of bricks.

Or perhaps that's what they want, so they can become martyrs, well I'm sure some Blackwater operatives would be happy to help with that one...

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