Has anyone noticed ?

  engsurv 12:25 07 Nov 05

Or is it just me ?
When I select speakers corner forum, the "subjects for discussion" page comes on and then jumps and comes on again. This does not happen on the other forums.

  PaulB2005 12:31 07 Nov 05

I've noticed and i think it's the software PCA has installed to turn words into links.

In the text at the top "Do you have a bee in your bonnet about something loosely connected with computers or computing, or anything that makes the digital world tick?" after a second or two "computers" and "computing" turn green bold and highlight into links. I believe it's this action that causes the "jump". The length of the text in the Speakers Corner means 3 lines of text suddenly becomes 4. The other forums don't suffer this.

  engsurv 12:39 07 Nov 05

Well spotted !

  Forum Editor 14:20 07 Nov 05

the slight 'kick' occurs when the sponsored words turn into hyperlinks to the company which has paid for those words. The companies will vary from time to time as the sponsoring changes.

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