Has anyone actually won anything from pop-ups?

  GEEKSTA 17:27 05 Jan 07

I always get pop ups saying things like your have won a free laptop and things like shoot 5 birds and win a £1000 etc.

Has anyone actually physically got/won anything at all?

  rodriguez 17:30 05 Jan 07

Probably not. All they do is try to attract you to their site and make you click the popup, and that's the best way they can think of making you click it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:30 05 Jan 07

You need to ask this?


  jimv7 17:34 05 Jan 07

A friend of mine die once, he clicked on a pop-up and won a rather nasty virus.

He does not click on pop-ups any more.

  Sic 18:05 05 Jan 07

Good job you asked, as the answer is yes! An 2Gb Ipod nano. Involved lots of form filling and getting mates to do same for horrendous amounts of spam!! (sorry to all friends who got emailed, lol).

That started from a pop up, so yeah is the answer but i would not bother again.

Wizardfan - it appears he did need to ask, cheers k jockey.

  PaulB2005 18:09 05 Jan 07

If you actually try you'll find the same old thing behind it.

You have to complete x number of surveys and get y number of others to join inside z numbers of days to qualify. If you manage to do it you get your ipod or laptop. the terms will make it difficult.

  PaulB2005 18:10 05 Jan 07

Wow. I doft my hat. I tried once and gave up...

  Sic 18:16 05 Jan 07

I just wanted to see it if was physically possibel. The number of hours it took though was crazy, if i had worked instead for the same hours i got have bought about three of them i think!!

  PaulB2005 18:22 05 Jan 07

That's what i was going to say! Makes you wonder how much the people running it made!

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:03 05 Jan 07

That is the way it is going to stay.

  jakimo 23:08 05 Jan 07

sorry to hear that your friend died!

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