Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  lisa02 01:00 17 Mar 08

Have a good one!

  Quickbeam 01:18 17 Mar 08

I will reciprocate the greeting on April 23rd :)

  lisa02 01:20 17 Mar 08

Thankyou - I'm from Stockton so I will wish you a good day then too!

  ventanas 08:40 17 Mar 08

Thanks Lisa02, My late father hailed from Athenry, so the day does mean a lot to me.
And of course you have a good one too.

  Stuartli 08:51 17 Mar 08

The Guinness will again be to the fore tonight in the company of an Irish friend...:-)

  interzone55 08:56 17 Mar 08

Didn't the Pope move St Patrick's Day to Saturday so everyone could get bladdered without sullying Holy Week?

  Brumas 09:16 17 Mar 08

Just remember, Begorrah-Bejasus and Behave yersell ;o))

  MAJ 10:15 17 Mar 08

The celebrations were moved to Saturday, that is true, but.................. we're having more today................. lol.

Many thanks, lisa02.

  Al94 10:25 17 Mar 08

Did You Know:-

The world’s smallest St Patrick’s Day parade is held in Dripsey, County Cork. It lasts for only 25 metres and goes from a pub…to a pub!

  donki 11:17 17 Mar 08

Just heading into Belfast now!!!! Ohhhh its going to be a long day!!! *BURP*

  Bingalau 13:57 17 Mar 08

I don't know how you lot can drink that Guinness in it's natural colour, so how the heck you can down it when it is "sick green" I do not know. Now green rum and green ginger beer I could stomach naturally.

By the way my mother's maiden name was McGuinness, Does that make her Scots/Irish or Irish/Scots?

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